Mike Pompeo

Former United Statess Secretary of State

John J. Mearsheimer

Service Professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago

Zu Feng

Director of Institute of International Relations at Nanjing University

Hoyoung Ahn

Former South Korean Ambassador to the United States

An Yu Hua

Professor at Sungkyunkwan University

Minsoon Son

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Korea

Yongho Thae

Member of the National Assembly

Honggul Kim

Member of the National Assembly

Dongsun Lee

Professor of the Department of Political Science and International Relations at Korea University

Yanghee Kim

Professor of the department of Economics at Daegu University (Moderator)

Ki-hyun Ahn

Executive Director of the Korea Semiconductor Industry Association

Sehyun Ahn

Professor of the Department of International Relations at University of Seoul

Sunglac Wi

Secretary-General of the Korea Peace Foundation

Sunguk Nam

Professor of the Department of Korean Unification, Diplomacy and Security at Korea University

Byung-Yeon Kim

Professor of Department of Economics at Seoul National University

Jie-ae Sohn

Professor of Ewha Women’s University / Former Correspondent of CNN

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