KOR-ASIA Forum 2020
KOR-ASIA FORUM 2020 will present the future direction of South Korea's role in the Asian community.

Since Hankookilbo launched the 2012 CHINA FORUM which was the one and only global forum centered on China among the forums hosted in Korea, it has done in-depth analysis on the key issues between Korea and China and paved the way for co-prosperity and bilateral cooperation. Heralding in the new Asian era, we would like to guide the future direction of South Korea and its role in Asia by expanding and reorganizing CHINA FORUM into THE KOR-ASIA FORUM.

The theme of KOR-ASIA FORUM 2020 is "In the Era of Biden: The Future of Asia and the Korean Peninsula". The COVID-19 pandemic caused the growing incidents of racism and discrimination in the United States and worsened trade conflicts between the U.S. and China, which has made the US even more unpredictable and put the World into turmoil. Thus, the global attention is focusing on the result of the Nov 3rd U.S. presidential election. It will be the crucial turning point in the World order for the following 4 years and will determine the future of Asia and the Korean Peninsula.

In order to predict the future of the World in the 2020s, KOR-ASIA FORUM 2020 invites Bob Woodward, Associate Editor of the Washington Post; R.Nicholas Burns, Former Under Secretary of State; Arthur Brooks, President of American Enterprise Institute; Hatoyama Yukio, former Prime Minister of Japan; Zhu Feng, Director of Institute of International Relations at Nanjing University (Executive Director of China Center for Collaborative Studies of the South China Sea). These world-renown leaders and scholars will participate in sessions and share their valuable ideas on the implications of the U.S. presidential election. At home, Kim Joon-hyung, Chancellor of the Korea National Diplomatic Academy and Dr Kim Ji-yoon, Host of Jiyoon Kim's Evening Show on TBS will talk about the expected changes in diplomatic dynamics in East Asia and on the Korean Peninsula.

KOR-ASIA FORUM 2020 will serve as a venue to present the future direction of South Korea's role in the new Asian era and navigate the way to develop into the epicenter of economy, diplomacy and culture in the World.
KOR-ASIA Forum 2020 Theme
  • Main Theme
    In the Era of Biden: The Future of Asia and the Korean Peninsula
  • Session 1
  • Session 2
    Japanese Perspective on the U.S., Chinese Perspective on the U.S.
  • Session 3
    The Future Direction of the Global Economic Order and Protectionism
  • Session 4
    The New U.S., the New Order: South Korea's Decision
Event Name KOR-ASIA FORUM 2020
Main Theme In the Era of Biden: The Future of Asia and the Korean Peninsula
Date November 25th, 2020 / 9:00AM~15:00PM
Venue 2F Dynasty hall, The Shilla Seoul
Host Hankookilbo, The Korea Times
Sponsor Ministry of Economy and Finance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry
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